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Friday, April 22nd, 2005
10:32 am
Some learn; many do.
Cover up or spread it out.
Turn around, had enough,
Pick and choose or pass it on.
Buying in, heading for
Suffer now or suffer then.
Its bad enough
I want the fear...need the fear

Cause he's alone (where have we gone)
He's alone (where have we gone)

All without making it and your pushing it and your leading us along
The hassle of all the screaming fans the had it makes when its most

After all, whats the point?
Cause levatation is possible.
If your a fly; a cheating gun.
Theres time for this and so much more.
Its typical, come write a world
A special place of my designs
To never cope or never care just use the key

Cause he's alone (where have we gone)


He's alone (where have we gone)

All without making it and your pushing it and your leading us along
The hassle of all the screaming fans the had it makes when its most

Over and Over a slayn
Over and Over a slayn
Over and Over a slayn
Over and Over a slayn

Cause he's alone (where have we gone)
He's alone (where have we gone)

All without making it and your pushing it and your leading us along
The hassle of all the screaming fans the had it makes when its most

All without making it and your pushing it and your leading us along
The hassle of all the screaming fans the had it makes when its most
Saturday, April 2nd, 2005
10:45 pm
thx andy..
oNe5p0inTtwo: MEREDITH!!!
oNe5p0inTtwo: whoot whoooot
SoccerRemix77: hey:-)
oNe5p0inTtwo: wutsup shotah!
SoccerRemix77: nm there is this fag whos iming me and hes saying he knows me and that he raped me
oNe5p0inTtwo: o0 whats the screen name
SoccerRemix77: SoccerRemix77: fuck you fag
anonanon45: i am not a fag
anonanon45: i raped you meredith
anonanon45: i
anonanon45: raped
anonanon45: you
anonanon45: do you not remember?
oNe5p0inTtwo: can i say something to him
SoccerRemix77: go for it
SoccerRemix77: kill
oNe5p0inTtwo: kill?
SoccerRemix77: oh sry wrong im
SoccerRemix77: u talkin 2 him
oNe5p0inTtwo: ye
SoccerRemix77: copy/paste it
oNe5p0inTtwo: ye h.o
oNe5p0inTtwo: hes a prick
SoccerRemix77: i wanna c what he said 2 u
oNe5p0inTtwo: i like flippin out on people
oNe5p0inTtwo wants to directly connect.
oNe5p0inTtwo is now directly connected.
oNe5p0inTtwo: oNe5p0inTtwo (10:20:05 PM): who the fuck are you and y are you talkin shit bout meredith?
anonanon45 (10:20:17 PM): who are you
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:20:34 PM): thats not the point but y are you talkin shit to meredith?
anonanon45 (10:20:42 PM): im not
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:20:52 PM): yes you are...she showed me!
anonanon45 (10:20:52 PM): i was reminding her of things
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:21:01 PM): how you fuckin raped her you lil dicked fagg
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:21:19 PM): ahe aint like you... she dont use her ass like a pickle jar fag
anonanon45 (10:21:33 PM): she seemed to be good at it
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:21:43 PM): o so you are gay?!
anonanon45 (10:21:48 PM): both
anonanon45 (10:21:53 PM): im a shemale
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:21:58 PM): thats fuckin nasty
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:22:09 PM): your a fuckin gfag
anonanon45 (10:22:12 PM): in your opinun
anonanon45 (10:22:20 PM): learn to spell please
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:22:20 PM): ye...so who the fuck are you
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:22:23 PM): FAG!
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:22:25 PM): okay happy
anonanon45 (10:22:34 PM): your immature
anonanon45 (10:22:36 PM): leave me be
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:22:41 PM): fuck you
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:22:55 PM): your the immature one sayin you raped her...y are you doin that
anonanon45 (10:23:07 PM): because i did
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:23:16 PM): you probally wouldnt kno where to put it..
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:23:18 PM): o yeee
SoccerRemix77: you are the man
SoccerRemix77: im scared tho
oNe5p0inTtwo: y?
SoccerRemix77: cuz he said he was near me
oNe5p0inTtwo: o0
SoccerRemix77: my bf wants 2 add you
oNe5p0inTtwo: iight
oNe5p0inTtwo: add upp bitches
SoccerRemix77: but tell him we met somewhere in mass ok, cuz he dosent like it when i meet pll 4 like 6 days
SoccerRemix77: idk
oNe5p0inTtwo: huh?
oNe5p0inTtwo: y it was this summer
oNe5p0inTtwo: lol
SoccerRemix77: i know but thats what i told him
oNe5p0inTtwo: that we met in mass?
SoccerRemix77: yea
oNe5p0inTtwo: this dude is fucked up
oNe5p0inTtwo: he/she is like i am shemale
SoccerRemix77: whats hes saying now
oNe5p0inTtwo: wtf is that
oNe5p0inTtwo: oNe5p0inTtwo (10:26:45 PM): where the fuck you live
anonanon45 (10:27:29 PM): everywhere
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:27:40 PM): ye..rightttt
anonanon45 (10:28:13 PM): i move around
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:28:23 PM): ye..
oNe5p0inTtwo (10:28:26 PM): in bed with guys you fag
anonanon45 (10:28:36 PM): i have been
anonanon45 (10:28:41 PM): im a shemale
anonanon45 (10:28:46 PM): no preference
oNe5p0inTtwo: straighty fag boy over thurrr
SoccerRemix77: hey tell steve we met in mass ok,
SoccerRemix77: cuz im sure hes gon ask u
oNe5p0inTtwo: if your bf looks at my comments it says
oNe5p0inTtwo: good times in Fla?!
SoccerRemix77: ...fuck..
oNe5p0inTtwo: yeee
SoccerRemix77: well can u delete the link?
oNe5p0inTtwo: yueee h.o
SoccerRemix77: thx so much
oNe5p0inTtwo: but if i do i want another comments thing
SoccerRemix77: k
oNe5p0inTtwo: iight
oNe5p0inTtwo: whens he sendin the request?!
SoccerRemix77: idk prob soon
oNe5p0inTtwo: iight
SoccerRemix77: did u delete the link?
oNe5p0inTtwo: ye
SoccerRemix77: i can still click it tho
oNe5p0inTtwo: what?
oNe5p0inTtwo: i mean i deleted your comment
oNe5p0inTtwo: o nah i took that comment out of myspace
SoccerRemix77: oh ok thx that works 2
oNe5p0inTtwo: ye
oNe5p0inTtwo: lol
SoccerRemix77: im scared alot right now
SoccerRemix77: :-X
oNe5p0inTtwo: dont worry
oNe5p0inTtwo: i'll make you my DE
SoccerRemix77: de?
oNe5p0inTtwo: desert eagle
oNe5p0inTtwo: its a hand gun
SoccerRemix77: oh nice
oNe5p0inTtwo: a DE .40
SoccerRemix77: like a mag .44?
oNe5p0inTtwo: not as powerful tho
SoccerRemix77: oh
oNe5p0inTtwo: ye
SoccerRemix77: well thats nuff shit for 1 night for me..peace out
SoccerRemix77: thx for everythin
10:42 pm
im scared..
SoccerRemix77: wtf
SoccerRemix77: anonanon45: im near you
St3v304: St3v304: u wanna not say that kinda stuff to her
St3v304: not cool
anonanon45: why not
anonanon45: im curious
anonanon45: to see the response
SoccerRemix77: what else u sayin
St3v304: anonanon45: it pisses me off to
anonanon45: she was mine first
St3v304: really how old r u
anonanon45: 20
St3v304: if u went out w/ her ur not 20
St3v304: anonanon45: i never said i dated her
SoccerRemix77: anonanon45: ....
SoccerRemix77: who dis
SoccerRemix77: ?
anonanon45: i person
SoccerRemix77: u gay
anonanon45: no
SoccerRemix77: luke/jake?
SoccerRemix77: anonanon45: would you like to have my 9 inch penis inside you
SoccerRemix77: ur a fuckin fag
anonanon45: no
SoccerRemix77: im sure ud rather have it up some guys ass instead
anonanon45: depends on who
SoccerRemix77: anonanon45: mostly yours
anonanon45: would you like to have sex
SoccerRemix77: i have a bf
anonanon45: im a girl
anonanon45: it all works out
anonanon45: shemale
SoccerRemix77: lmao
SoccerRemix77: anonanon45: what
anonanon45: you know you want me
anonanon45: as much as i want you
anonanon45: meredith
anonanon45: return to me
SoccerRemix77: you should be shot
SoccerRemix77: lol
SoccerRemix77: anonanon45: i have been
SoccerRemix77: not in nh, u havent
anonanon45: im near you
SoccerRemix77: really
anonanon45: yes
SoccerRemix77: if i guess right who u r , u gon tell me?
anonanon45: sure
SoccerRemix77: SoccerRemix77: fuck you fag
anonanon45: i am not a fag
anonanon45: i raped you meredith
anonanon45: i
anonanon45: raped
anonanon45: you
anonanon45: do you not remember?
St3v304: this is tom
St3v304: block him
St3v304: dont tell him anything about you
SoccerRemix77: im not gonna
St3v304: ok, IM is not a secure kind of thing, so if you know anyone who knows anything about computers, call them
St3v304: see if they might find out who he is
SoccerRemix77: ight i gotta think bout this one
St3v304: ask tacy
SoccerRemix77: i am
St3v304: do you know this guy?
SoccerRemix77: i have no fucking idea
SoccerRemix77: im scared cus he said hes near me
St3v304: he's not
St3v304: I would call the cops, just not 911
St3v304: did he know your name?
SoccerRemix77: yea
SoccerRemix77: SoccerRemix77: fuck you fag
anonanon45: i am not a fag
anonanon45: i raped you meredith
anonanon45: i
anonanon45: raped
anonanon45: you
anonanon45: do you not remember?
St3v304: is he still talking to you
SoccerRemix77: no i blocked the bitch ass
St3v304: GOOD
St3v304: steve is not here
SoccerRemix77: ok
St3v304: you have no far reaching guesses
St3v304: as to who he is?
SoccerRemix77: no idea
St3v304: are your parents awake
St3v304: do not delete the convo window
SoccerRemix77: i did
St3v304: ok,
SoccerRemix77: my rents arent home
St3v304: we have some of it here
St3v304: oh, he is not near you
SoccerRemix77: oNe5p0inTtwo
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
5:53 pm

oh man, i dont know what to think im really confused....


it was tuesday, my sister had something which caused her to be gone for a whopping 4 hours [or something like that] but that means it was only me and luke chillin at the hizzel, and he left to go hang out with the neigbor. so i gave chris a call.. and asked him if he wanted to come over cause nobody was home. he did. i was talkin 2 ppl online and i saw him pull up in his brand new truck, its pretty hot, all black and shiny...and shiny, ok anyways. we were chillin on the couch talking forever. then we got up to do something and i laid down on the couch and he layed down on top of me. then luke came in and was like wtf, mate..so he got off..i was like DAMN YOUR TIMING TO HELL! but then he gave me a massage...it was so good, like orgasm good. idk what to think about this guy. hes goin 2 college next year, he wants me, and i like him but im not sure in what way. he is always saying how hes a born-again-virgin cause he hassnt gotten ass in 9months, how ironic that IM a virgin..everything worked out perfect tho, he left b4 my rents got home, luke keeps it shut cause hes the man, and steve didnt call me the whole time he was here.hes probly the sweetest guy i know. but now that steve is changing alot of guys look sweet. i miss how he used to be. i dont know anymore, i just dont know...

i dont care what happens, im not gonna cheat on steve but i feel like hes pushing me away..almost like hes the one cheating on me, but he would never do that, right?

Current Mood: confused
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
4:44 pm

welp, long time no write..maby dont member. haha ive been drinking alot....like on last wed [1/2 day] steve came over and we had so much shit bacardi superior, kaluah, oh god i dont even member other stuff..i member mixin stuff w/ oj but thats it we were alone for 3 hours so..yeah. then i had a drink like evryday after school, but im going 2 stop cuz its getting noticable.

he told me that friday night when he left his house he got fucked up with andrew..and i mean ser. he was high all night... :-/ :-/

SAT FUCKING ROCKED  jess and i went to the us..it was the SHIT. i still cant feel my finger tho :-P...oh well thats only one finger and it was worth it! i got up at 5..thats mad early fo me, i usually get up at like 630 for school, lol. but yeah when we got there we saw afew pro when we got out. then we hit up the tents for free stuff. it was really cold! i made a boycott clothes shirt but i was like well fuck that..jess went all out rugged tho, ur the shit hun..ill do it next time we go boarding...this w/e maby?? but yeah ne wayz, we went in this car and we thought  we were just goin on a ride and we wanted to push the buttons so we got it and 1/2 way there she decided that she was gonna leave us in god knows where [well, ok, the hotel] but then we got out and ran up to the next car and that lady was cool , she gave us gum. so then we went up to the pipe, i got a shit load of autographs on my hat, which say 'couch' i dont get it, but now its the dankest hat ever! we also met this guy and got his s/n and stuff, he had dank hair. so afterward we went 2 her aunts house and ended up fallin asleep on the couch for an hour, we were SO wiped, or i was at least.

then her cousin showed up with a wickid hot friend. he thought we were older and i was like DAMMIT when he said that cuz we told him how old we really r. they were from conn 2 which is dank b/c all the ppl i know form down there a wickid cool. thay were 2, w/o question. well her cousin's friend's name was brandon, before we left i told him how i thought he was SOO HOTT, b/c i knew i would hate myself for not telling him, jess agreed :) , im down 4 a 3-some. haha sway my way...arg ne ways...we excanged aim s/ns ...GOOD times

MONDAY- hanging out w/ other guy friends isnt cheating, but its steve fault for calling me a dumbass, wtf did he think i was gonna do? so if u couldnt guess i hung out w/ chris washburn on monday. after school i was like wanna chill and he was like 'cha' so he picked me up and we drove around and listened to this wickid sick local rapper..spokes..or something, but i want a copy.he had all his firefighter shit in the back, i tryed on the helmit, it was mad heavy..so then we went over to his friends house 2 c if he wanted 2 play pool. he was wickid cool, and avid snowboarder, he even had a fucking park in his yard, he also jumped off his roof on a board and is planing on goin off the rec. he is  a ser. @ keene high. when he found out i ride he showed me a pop video cuz were cool like that, he also invited me 2 a competition @ granit gourge this sat. but in the end he couldnt hang out. so we went back to his place and i hustled his ass in pool. then his cousin came home and is gorgeous [both guys have moptops] so he hung out with us and the drove around w/ us, we had a very...sexual convo..haha..sex. but yeah. i strated to drive off in chris's car but he jumped in the seat w/ me and started givin me a back massage so i was like..sweet. we chilled for a lil bit more then went 2 check out the crotchrocket hes gonna comp. im stoked those are sick bikes.

Current Mood: chill
Friday, March 18th, 2005
7:17 pm
CONVO W/ MIKE....3/17/05

SoccerRemix77 (9:26:59 PM): my icon is jus 4 u
MwH826 (9:27:36 PM): haha is it putting down duke or north carolina?
SoccerRemix77 (9:27:40 PM): nc
MwH826 (9:27:46 PM): niiiiiice
SoccerRemix77 (9:27:52 PM): even tho i have them picked to win it all
SoccerRemix77 (9:28:01 PM): i only have 1 wrong so far :-D
MwH826 (9:28:26 PM): nice
MwH826 (9:28:51 PM): im officially in love with you because of that icon
SoccerRemix77 (9:29:36 PM): :-D, YES!!!!
SoccerRemix77 (9:29:54 PM): my life is complete
MwH826 (9:30:02 PM): haha
SoccerRemix77 (9:31:06 PM): NICE ICON
MwH826 (9:31:18 PM): lol representin
SoccerRemix77 (9:31:28 PM): shiz
MwH826 (9:31:42 PM): wow i cant wait to see you
SoccerRemix77 (9:32:07 PM): same here
SoccerRemix77 (9:33:09 PM): :-)
SoccerRemix77 (9:33:23 PM): i cant belive ive lived for like 7 months without seein u
SoccerRemix77 (9:33:31 PM): or even hearin ur voice :-(
MwH826 (9:33:34 PM): yea i think thats a record
MwH826 (9:33:52 PM): im definately bringing my digital camera down this time
SoccerRemix77 (9:34:56 PM): ill bring mine 2
SoccerRemix77 (9:35:05 PM): member how we were gonna go snowboarding?
MwH826 (9:35:09 PM): yea
SoccerRemix77 (9:35:16 PM): we planed it in like october
SoccerRemix77 (9:35:17 PM): lol
MwH826 (9:35:24 PM): yea were just that good
MwH826 (9:35:30 PM): its gonna be so much better though
MwH826 (9:35:32 PM): when i see you
MwH826 (9:35:42 PM): cuz it will have been a whole year to that date
SoccerRemix77 (9:36:10 PM): i miss it
MwH826 (9:36:22 PM): i wish that week was like a month
MwH826 (9:36:25 PM): haha
SoccerRemix77 (9:37:33 PM): me 2
SoccerRemix77 (9:37:39 PM): minus 3 weeks of soccer
SoccerRemix77 (9:37:40 PM): lol
MwH826 (9:37:48 PM): haha yea
MwH826 (9:38:10 PM): like every night me dj and justin would like run off the fields just so we could get back and shower and see u guys
MwH826 (9:38:26 PM): we wouldnt even run during the practices then after they were done we were like gone
MwH826 (9:38:28 PM): lol
SoccerRemix77 (9:38:44 PM): :-D
MwH826 (9:39:02 PM): i got so sick of taking showers that week though
SoccerRemix77 (9:39:06 PM): i was like comon ash + em we gots 2 go c our guys!!!
MwH826 (9:39:07 PM): i took like 3 a day
SoccerRemix77 (9:39:17 PM): me and emily took one 2gether 2 save time once
SoccerRemix77 (9:39:24 PM): hehe
MwH826 (9:39:31 PM): wow how did i miss that
MwH826 (9:39:33 PM): lol
SoccerRemix77 (9:41:24 PM): i didnt tell u?
MwH826 (9:41:30 PM): lol no
SoccerRemix77 (9:41:34 PM): im sure we have it on camera somewhere
SoccerRemix77 (9:41:36 PM): JK
MwH826 (9:41:44 PM): you told me all three of you guys fooled around in the rooms
MwH826 (9:41:47 PM): HOLY SHIT
MwH826 (9:41:59 PM): wow i seriously almost had a heart attack on that one
SoccerRemix77 (9:42:05 PM): lmao
SoccerRemix77 (9:44:56 PM): well i g2g :-\
SoccerRemix77 (9:45:04 PM): i love you mike
MwH826 (9:45:06 PM): k i'll ttyl
SoccerRemix77 (9:45:08 PM): :-D
MwH826 (9:45:15 PM): love you meredith:-D
MwH826 (9:45:22 PM): cya

Current Mood: excited
Thursday, March 10th, 2005
11:20 pm
THIS IS A WICKID GOOD ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

before i begin- jess i love you! you are the shit, and i cant wait for next weekend

welp, right now its 11:30, man my night was FUUUNNN, but i was a bad girl [score!]

ill go in order- steve and i are ok now, he was fine all day today, liz was gonna bitch out mimi for some reason, idk. the play is tonight but i didnt go. durning geometry trombly broke his glasses in half [like harry potter] and clark ducttaped them back 2getha, and he looked like a HUGE tool, well, he is.

on the bus, i was sitting next to manzi, hacket was behind us, and james was behind him. the whole ride hacket was dipping [sick] and he would 'judo chop' manzi in the neck, manzi kinda laughed it off but he was obv. pissed, then when he left hacket did it to james and james nailed him in the face. he said 'you a fucking idiot' and went down between the seats. i saw him do it and the chew came out of his mouth and i heard something crack. so when he didnt sit up i looked at him and he as crying and had a massive bloody nose. i tryed not 2 laugh cause hes a fag and somebody jus sai 'ne body got a tampon?' LOL, maby he'll get the hint now but i hope it isnt broken and that he dosent bet up james 2morrow

THE GOOD STUFF: i had to go 2 a gay ass church thing from 4-9pm and amanda was there, and i hate her but it was ok cause pete,toast,batty,caroline,hannah,emily,alyssa,bec and some other people were there. but ne wayz, i had chris washburn pick me up so we could hang out a lil bit. so i called my gramp 2 say that i was goin out 2 eat cause i didnt have dinner to buy us some time and not 2 wait up for me. but he still wanted me home by 1030 . well chris [senior at keene high, 18, fireman...need i say more?] pulled up in a sick red suv w/ a sick sound system. we jus went driving around for hours. i loved it. i like him cause hes not all about 'git er done' he gives good advice and shit like that. but he is also georgious [i gotta learn how 2 spell that word]

ne ways>>> we stopped at cumbies and got red bulls and he was like 'this is how we do it when u ride with me' and took the whole thing. so i did. but then i was like, 'u wanna play pididle?' of course he did, we played so we could strip as much as possible, ne type of light out, and if you did it when a light wassnt really out then u gotta take a layer off. welp, i got the first one..his hat came off, then he got one..my sweatshirt, then his sweatshirt, then is tshirt, then hes like 'we are gona drive around till i win this game' so it got to the point where i only had a tank top and he was shirtless. but we saw another one on my road so instead of me takin one off i told him i owed him one. i cant wait to do that again. he says he'll let me drive his car next time ...80mph....backwards..lol. and he was like, i have a feeling we are goning 2 go to the beach alot this summer..and well get wasted, fun.

i love hanging with him, its so carefree, next time were gonna pididle and chinese firedrill at the same time, and were goin on a long trip so it gets good. im still hyper off that red bull!

his best feature......the BEST FUCKING MASSAGES in the WORLD, omFg..... i <3 firemen

Current Mood: hyper
Wednesday, March 9th, 2005
8:32 pm
well i should probly write about it...i guess.
where do i begin?

yesterday was a horrible day, 2 people died, and on top of it steve was bitching me out [again] during school yesterday we were walking to 4th period, and i waved to pete who was in class, then lucas was in the hall and he gave me knocks. i didnt think ne thing of it cause steve said bye to me then went to 4th and i didnt see him till b4 5th. then we went 2 lunch and he didnt say nething the whole time and i asked him if he was ok and he was like 'sure' so i asked him again at the end and hes like 'thats really annoying' and i said 'i just wanna make sure your ok' so then we were goin to 6th right after and i was like are you sure there is nothing i can do, cause you seem upset, and he was almost yelling at me, he said 'you have so many boyfriends!' and i was like'no i only have one-thats you, the other guys are JUST FRIENDS. he was like...'...boyfriends..' so i left and went to 6th and was wickid upset but i tried not to think about it, then shara came over and her sister gave us a ride after school so i didnt have 2 talk 2 him on the phone until like 7. i knew it wassnt going to be good. when he called he bitched me out but i didnt take a word he said. he was like 'you know what i realised, you have ALOT of guy friends that i dont know and you hang out with them all the time, and i never even talk 2 other girls besides liz and ally and stuff'
me-'ya but they are jus that- FRIENDS. and it dosent matter that you dont know them, you can tknow everything about somebody.'
him-'i think i can trust you, but its guys that i dont trust, they dont care you have a bf'
me-'im obviously not gonna let them do anything cause i love you' 'oh and you can trust me'

maby im the only one here but dosent it sound like hes trying to make me feel guilty so i only hang out with him and call me un-trustworthy at the same time?

thne when i was talking 2 him i found out about the people that died and started crying. he was still bitching at me so that didnt help, but i didnt want 2 say ne thing cause i hate bitching, it makes you sound like a pussy. but then it turned into crying cause he was being wickid harsh and i couldnt take it ne more. i hated how he kept saying '..my boyfriends..' too.

then he felt really bad [or said he did] and was like im wickid sorry but i had to get it off my chest, blah blah blah...i forgave him

today we were iight in school and he apologized, but after ashley was gonna give me a ride home and i went out 2 the parking lot w/ liz and bretton was giving her a ride home so i sat in his car with her cause its fucking cold out, then i got in ashleys car [cause she wasnt there b4] and she brought me home

when i gto home he called me and was pissed cause i sat in his car and was like 'ya know i should just get use to the fact that your gonna hang out with other guys cause your never goin 2 change' and i was like
'i shouldnt have to change, and you have to realise that they are jus friends! you get pissed at me whenever i hang out with somebody that isnt a girl or you, thats not cool' so then he shut up and when we were talkin later 2nite he was ok.

i really hope things are better.....hope....


Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, March 8th, 2005
7:56 pm
i have 2 tell somebody but i cant... :'(
Monday, March 7th, 2005
4:17 pm

today was fun! my foot hurts real bad! GOSH, ok...today...kelli gave me a ride into school 2day and i was wearing a mad cute white skirt and my UCONN t-shirt. we got there late but whooo cares?!?! french....english, in english  we went 2 a presentation aobut..idk, me and zach jus sat in the back an passed notes the whole time. in study they opened up a new caf, but are reatrds didnt order more tables so it didnt fix the over crowded problem, just spread it out. computers....civics...lunch....science, oo something happend there, we were shooting off rockets outside but i already did mine friday so i chilled inside with kim,and 3 other guys, one of them were pretty hot, e had a pint button up shirt on 2. well kim kept slaming his head into the lockers cause he couldnt feel ne thing so i was like dose somebody wanna tell me what hes on? and chris said 'look down' and he was holding a pill of vicadin in his hand. somebody asked him if he had ne more and he said 'yeah 4 more in my pocket' yeah....so then math...then bretton gave me a ride home, he almost let me drive again but we had 2 drop off somebody first. on our way by neighbors he was riding this guys ass WICKID bad, when i say wickid i mean like we were touching bumpers. so a cop passed and pulled us over and was like 'you must kow why i pulled you over' and bretton was like, yeah i know.

cop- so what was goin on?

b-i just got a little close, i put on the gas to much but i was slowing down

c-something else must have been happening inside of the car

b-nothin was goin on

c- do i need to take everybody out of this car and ask them individually what was goin on?

but yeah he didnt do shit, just gave us a warning, while he was checking his licence brian bouragard was like 'what do u think he would do if i got out and ran across the feild?' omg it was so funny. good thing e didnt let me drive tho cause we woulda been FUCKED. brian alrady has a court date on thurs for brekaing and entering, haha hes the shit. then after they dropped me off i went upstairs and got a cd then i heard a know on the door, bretton and brian were back. they were like, im board, so i was like come in, co we chilled for like 30mins but then they had to leave, lucky for me brian forgot his sunglasses here [score!] elise came home and she was like what grade are they in, i said they are juniors, lol she was surprised. hehe, well who dosent wanna fuck me? GOSH...jpjpjp

wel time to go make some 25 notecards and a hesis statement for my research paper....fuckers!!

Current Mood: hyper
Saturday, March 5th, 2005
10:27 pm

yeah uh, my rents are gone since last night...tilll friday!!!, omg this is gonna be one HELL of a week. full liquer cabinet, a completly willing boyfriend, hottub, many parties...oh yeah!

wed was fun, so ya know what? ima gon write about wed, fuckas! well....school..whatever, but then i was talkin 2 brenton cause i wanted a ride 2 jens house cause we were goin 2 a celtics game that night. so he was like yea sure. we went out and had a snowball ifght in the parking lot then me, paige, big red, and someother girl got in2 his car and we dropped off the random girl, then went out 2 my house the back way so we came on2 my road by doob's house. then breton and i switched, yeah fucking right he let me drive his car! and all the way to jens house [w/ the acception of rt12] but thats still a good 4 miles. omfg hes the shit and i love driving. when he pulled into marcy hill he e-breaked  and we were in the complete opposite direction than how we pulled up. then i took the long way 2 her house, almost ran over hackete [no loss] and then she was walkin on the road and i stopped, and at frist she didnt recognise me but then she was like 'heyy' so at this point im mad hyper...we get ready...drive down...and meet mitchel, altho we were late cause we were on a sped train. but it was fun, hes cool and seems like a sweetguy, which she deserves 100%! if he dose ne thing 2 he im gonna fucking kill him, which wouldnt b hard cause hes already intimitaded [lol] btw he shoved a comdom down my shirt but i gave it back caz im not gon use it...the game was dank..there was a guy that looked like orlando bloom sittin in front of us and thank god for cameras that take movies [;-)]  but seein them snugglein and makin out make me miss steve REALLY bad     :(  its weird how we are, sometimes he makes me really sad but i love him so much. ill be there for him till my heart is black and blue

Current Mood: rejuvenated
Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
5:21 pm

jess- i love how u always have quiz-thingys they r fun :-D

p.s.- how sick is the pic in my info of the girl on the guy..on the beach, oh! it goes there ILOVEIT

Do you wear black eyeliner?: oh yes! when i have time 2 put it on, that it
How much black clothing do you own?: um...i wear black thongs...dose that count? oo i have black shoes
Do you think about death often?: um..not more than normal i guess
Do you want to die? FUCK NO
Are you a social outcast: haha, no
Are you pale?: fuck no im black!! [<jess ur the man, us black ppl gotta stick 2getha!]
Do you cut?:no, though about it b4 tho, i was gay...!
Do you like Hot Topic?: dependz

--Skater Punk--
Can you skateboard?: if it includes ghetto lugeing an nick and kyle pullin me on one, then FUCK YES I DO
How often do you wear Vans?: oo alot, i got vans snowboard boots
What's your sneaker brand?: uh, whatever the fuck i feel like wearing
Do you do stupid stuff with your friends?: DUH!! snowboard in tanktops egg houses [hey that was w/ me!!], get drunk, i mean..ill stop...
How much do you get in trouble?:its only trouble if u get caught, i dont get caught
Do you listen to the bands who are considered posers?: no!
How many piercings do you have?: at the moment? 8, but im getting 3 more soon [not all are on ears! GOSH]

How often do you say the word "like"?: like every other word
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch?: :-D heck yes i do
Are the A&F models hot?: OMG! FUCK ME A&F MODELS!!!!
How many purses do you own?: idk 2? i need a new one
Is lipgloss a must?: its all about the chapstick
How often do you wear makeup?: depends if i have time + energy
Ever had a manicure?: actually yes..once..with jen........*akward*..lol
Rock music is bad, right?: omg i love rock, cant touch that
Are you ever ditzy?: idk, i cant b a dumbass at times
Do you own high heels?: indeeeeeeeeed
Have you ever said "Oh my gosh"?: no i say "FUCK!!!!!!!" hehe fuck hehe
Are you a cheerleader?: omg, shoot me, no! what do u think??!?

Is your hair long?: medium
Are you a vegetarian?:never!
Do you own a tye dye shirt?: i would hang myself first
Do you want peace?: all i have to say is id rather as hell be fighting over there, and if Kerry was prez we wud b FUCKED
Do you want to save the animals?: sure y the hell not
What do you think about war?: i think it sucks, but is nessesary sometimes
Have you ever made a peace sign with your two fingers?:    who hassnt?

Are you from the ghetto?: oh yea, thugs pop gats off on my block, G.....psh no..its fuckin NH!!!
Do you own "bling bling"?: who dosent?

What do you think about do-rags?: they looked cool when aug,bobbin,pete and andy wore em at a track meet, oh good times!!
Do you like rap? :  i love it
How about hip-hop?: i love it
Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?:...FUCK YES HE WAS, MUST U ASK??!??!!
What do you think about afros?: white boy afros rock!!
Have you ever said 'fo shizzle'?: ya hehe

Is life a party?: fuck yeah an a bag of chips
How often do you get drunk?: a little
Do you care about your grades?: yea
Do you need attitude adjustment?: i dont think so, ne 1 wanna say somtin else? fuckers...

How often do you cry?: almost never...but shit happens :(
Do you have an ex?: yea
Do you have an acoustic guitar?: mmm..my dad dose?
Are you emotional?: yeah ecspecially during PMS!!!! lmao  {good answer jess, haha}
Do you like soft music?: depends
Do people understand you?: who is it?
Do you write your own songs?: cant say i do...
Is your hair dyed dark?: no

Do you play any sports?: at least 1 every season
How important are they to you?: very
How important is your reputation?: kinda..i dont want ppl 2 talk shit
Do you pick on the geeky kids?: a lil bit, but who can resist? honestly!
What do you think about football?: it makes the world go round!!!!!
Are you considered a bully by anyone?: prob not

Do you wear glasses?: no
Are you smart?: yea
Do you use an inhaler?: no
Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets?: lmao!!!! oh yea everyday....no, GOSH!

Does your mom buy your clothes?: fuck no

How often are you on the computer?: dependz

Do you get picked on?: no, it'd ppunch them in the face....what do u think?

Current Mood: tired
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
7:29 pm

my sammietha came up sat an sunday! :-D i never get 2 c her cause NY is fucking far away. but we went 2 crotched mtn 2 days in a row, it was good fun. lol. but it seemed like everytime we had to go up a chairlife with somebody else...well..they were pretty weird. like this one guy...he would jus ask us random questions, but then for the rest of the time..it was dead silent. he was like 'so, are you anjoying yourselves today..? he asked that twice. he said it, then like 5 mins pased then he said it asgin, i was like WTF MATE!!!

but oh..man..i have the funniest quote ...EVER..ok, my cousin, ryan, is 8 years old. at lunch time he was like, ' i wish i brought my goggles..' then i was like '...uh...ryan..they are on your head' LOL, wow hes good!

mon i had school and i went on forever, the guy's lax team is having practice already and we arent doin shit so i talked to the coach and we're starting practice next week, sweet. then today we had a snowday. i was watching this snowboarding movie 'burning bridges' that i found on the side of the road[?] but after i went outside and made a sick rail, it was like 10 ft long from the side of a ledge to a pile of snow. altho i think i fell and hit my head cuz i was on the ground with a bloody nose and i forgot how i got there...lol

2mor im goin 2 see the celts VS lakers, IM STOKED

p.s.-my sister is such a fucking bitch! i was ser. gonna shoot her 2day. i was so pissed that a grabbed my paintball gun an went up 2 the tree fort and shot everything in sign....now i dont have ne more ammo:-/

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
8:41 pm
HEY JESS I KNOW U READ THIS SO CHECK THIS BAD BOY OUT!!!! I MADE IT FUCKING RIGHT DOGGIE!!!http://www.geocities.com/candy_shop77/snowboardin.html
8:11 pm

ive ha no time to do ANYTHING, i dont reall member what happend this past week, lol

fri nitgh- steve came over after school, we were alone for like an hour we drank a lil bit and 'talked'.....so...ya..on to sat..

sat-UNCLE MARK AND MONICA CAME UP :):):):) [they stayed till wed]

sun-i went 2 crotched mtn. with the fam but i barly took runs with them cause they cant keep up. i met caroline up there and we hung out most of the time, shes cool shit!

mon- jen came over and slept over, damn i love that chick! we had so much fun, we went in2 the hottub, drank, and chilled, ahhh good times baby good times. but of course there are always good times with her. but something weird, mitchelle, a guy she met online [black, sweatheart] wrote an email to this girl [accidentally sent it 2 jen] saying how he had this gir lfrom NH whipped [jen] and i was like WTF thats not cool but idk, i hope things work out good b/c she deserves somebody good. and if that fucker breaks her heart ill break his face!

tues- uncle mark took us out 2 breakfeast @ bickfords and i had pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream mmm, them i went 2 steves house, kelli was there, haha we were comparing leg hair and we compared my 3 days to her 3 days then tom called her a chia pet, and steve called her a chia dog, lmao it was so funny but then she got pissed...lol!

wed- went to la mall of NH avec steve :), before we went there tho we went 2 chuck e cheese haha it was fun, i beat him in like everything eccept a gay ass snowmobiile thing [we all know id whoop him in real life :-)] but then we went 2 the mall, i got a sign that said 'no trespassing, violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again' and i wanted this sick roxy bathing suit from pacsun and i thought mom was gonna buy it for me, i even tryed it on nd then she was like 'uh, not today' i was so pissed! then at dinner she said pass the butter [or whatever] and i was like 'im deciding, why dont you take a taste, then we'll put it back' haha eat it

thurs-ahh today, i went snowboarding with joe at pats peak, it kinda sucked till we made it exciting- we stole a 'glades closed' sign and then went snowboarding in the woods, when i say i the woods i mean we were so far away form the trail i couldnt even c the people goin down anymore, he rode in2 a tree. that was funny. steve probly didnt want me 2, and he complained about it on the fone but im sick of him tellin me what to do so las night i TOLD him i was goin riding 2day, he couldn't stop me, im not gonna let him hold me back.

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, February 17th, 2005
6:29 pm
writing sux, im surprise ive been sitting long nuff to write the 12 words i just wrote......ahh so whats been goin on?....yesterday i went snowboarding with jess [i want thoes pix, email or something jess:-D] and it was dank becasue shes dank so everything was dank, dank equals moist, wow ADD, moving on...steves comming over to my house 2 mor nite im excited. last frinight he came over and we were alone for 3 hours, fucking rite 3 hours....ill edit what happend that night casue im sure nobody wants to read that but it was FUCKing great, hehe. then we brought him 2 tacy's house an i went to jens house then sat me and jen meet celtics. ricky davis and gary payton pulled up in a hummer [RD] and a denali [GP]it was FUCKING SICK , shit i have to make cup cakes for brenton 4th period...ADD....agh i ser. cant think straigh and that sux casue i had 3 tests 2day, who the FUCK makes u write 5 paragraphs for each essay question, my dike of an english teacher, thats who.

i meet this hot italian guy whos askin me 2 the prom and is comming up this winter break he is calling me 2nite

tues afternoon i talked 2 chris washburn about sex [haha i said sex] fro 2 hours, damn hommie. he wants 2 fuck me, but he said i would never fuck u casue 1) its illegal and 2) your a virgin and im not. i didnt understand the second thing but what ever

well some people need to go get a gatorade, meredith needs to go get a gatorade....

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
10:34 pm

if you loved somebody more than anyone else in the world, an told that person how u felt everyday a truly felt that way with all your heart why would you hurt them? thats right...you wouldnt.

wheather or not im happy in me and steves relationship depends on the day. today isnt the first day when ive gotten off the fone with him that ive been crying, and i was perfectly happy before i started talking to him. thats not even the worst part, the worst part is that he dosent know [or dosent care] that hes doin it to me.

i called him tonight just to talk and i mentioned that i wanted to do a marathon. the first thing he said was 'that is fucking retarted' he fucking meant it to, and kept going..'you know why its 26 miles? becasue the guy DIED after he ran it [actually i did know that but ne wayz] he goes you have to be like 100 pounds and skin and bone to run it [...callin me fat....] i said, actually my uncle ran it and hes avrage size, but he said you will still have to train for hourse everyday and you dont have enought time. the tom was listening and said 'why are you even worried, shes not gonna do it.' that fucker, im just doin it know b/c im pissed at tom for saying that and pissed at steve for not talking me seriously and not belivein that i can do it! when he was done lecturing me on all the ways i was a retard he stopped and i didnt say anything becasue i was really pissed and sad at the same time....after awhile he said 'look im sorry for putting you down, and ill support you in anything you do, but you dont wanna loose your ass do u' .....liar.... he wont support me, he should love me enough 2 realize i want 2 do this, he shouldnt put him self b4 what i wanna do, plus hes saying that he dosnt want me 2 loose my ass and that is so fucking...i dont even know.

i told him i had to go and he was like i wont let you, so i said, im goin to bed weather you say good night to me or not, so he said what if i dont, i said 'i ll cry' [but i was jp] and he said if you cry i will to, then i was like no you wont, and he said, 'yeah your right' [but he wassnt joking]  ......and last but not least today i was talking with charlie and aubrey becasue we are goin to have a big mac eating contest, and we were talking about how far we would get in eating them.then steve was like 'you'll be able to put it in your mouth but you wont be able to swallow it' i dont even want2 know what he was implying but unfortunatly, i do. after he said that he started laughing, so i turned away from him and he hugged me and said he was just kidding. i know he wassnt.

its not me thats changing.....

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Friday, January 28th, 2005
3:11 pm

i havent written in a long time- i actually dont remember much of this past week/ weekend. but first things frist 2 new couples that im like wtf mate...1. aubry managus + steve jardine [yeah the same guy that threw a kid threw a window]. 2. robbie binkowski [FUCKING DUSH] and alicia stone [FUCKING SLUT] <have lil stoner slut babies. gross! and tabe ellis is now goin out with nick hall. But yeah lets see.. this past week...last friday i had a track meet so i had the whole weekend off. i hung out with steve fro a lil bit on sat, he came over then on sun we saw white noise. normally i see at least some of the movie when i go but i did not see a single fucking second! :-x but i missed out b/c of my.....anyways steve said hes gonna make it up 2 me this weekend but we both have meets 2mor and i have a gay ellens walk dinner sun. but my rent are goin to turks + cacos in a month and ill basically be here for a week so all i can say is that week is gonna kick ass. me + steve goin on 5months.

this week was spirt week [M-comfy clothes, T-sports, W-blast from the past, Th-hats, F-green and white] ending wiht a pep rally today. the pep rally was pretty gay but OMFG! a bunch of the sophmore guys spelled S-O-P-H-M-O-R-E-S--2-0-0-7 on thier stomachs w/ paint. they we like steve, tom,josh colon,christian,mike freatea,blodgette,justin wear,and charlie but i forgette the other ppl. we went outside and painted them durning lunch. LOL

yesterday the sophomores decorated thier hallway and today a load of people ripped it down, then bean got caught and had to apologive over the intercom, sucker. i have been mad hyper all day-today during study hall i was 'goin to my locker' and in the A's hallway i think i saw rachel kunn [?] but then lucas dun, sarah tuxbury, kim,and like 2 other people came to my locker and we were jsut talking. lucas had a coffee and i stole it and me an sarah ran down the hall drinking it and then kim and him came over an like tackled us so we ran into the bathroom and finished it. then after the pep rally we had to go back to 7th p [GAY]  i was running around 7th period jumping on the desk and shit an galloway didt give 2 shits, it was ill. pili was talking to me ont he bus the whole way home bout jesi and the semi cause he like stood her up and shit but w/e.


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Thursday, January 20th, 2005
7:11 pm

oh man im whipped! its only thurs. this week was midterms bitches. i fucking hate my eng teacher, shes a dike, no literally.haha but yeah, tues i had french and science, wed i had english and science, thur i had phys ed and study hall but i took my geometry one becasue im leaving early 2mor to go to a track meet....woohoo [?] i usually hate goin to them untill i get there, but we r leaving at 12:30. 2day in phys ed when we were correcting the midterms and i had alica's and i erased all her wrong answers and wrote down the right ones casue i am SOoOo nice :-P but i got all mine right so she didnt have to do shit. heather and ashley faked mr. p's signature on a hall pass so they could jus do w/e, smart bitches [i luv them] omg while we r on the gym topic cherise is a lying bitch. stupid to. she lyed to genelle's face then denyed it, she said that magic picked her up ...blah blah. then she was all i NEVER said that. right. so genelle bitched her out it was great she was like' dont fucking run your mouth u pussy' haha. earlier this week on the bus 2 sister got in a bitch fight. it was funny b/c they were pretty fat. lets see what else happend....omg wes is so funny i was wondering the halls like 5 times today and i saw him EVERY time, he was looking thru the glass in the door during english and making me laugh them he came in...in the middle of class...and gave me something. muller was like 'wtf' and i was laughing. he was like 'i needed to give meredith something back, she left it at my house last night' i as like omg!!!! oh and on monday i nrought something 2 mr. smith and jus walked tro the security at the door [ur not supposed 2 be in the halls in the morning b4 the bell] anyways, after i gave it 2 him a went to my locker cause hey i was there ne wayz right? right. and a wickid hot senior walked by and did a double take and was like 'how did u get through security' and i was like'oh, im jujs good like that' he laughed, i was like ooo right! :-P  the other night i went 4 a run at like 11 at night, i had to think about alot of shit, i was pissed off but crying..that feeling sux a dick. i work out 2 relive stress and i pushed myself so hard b/c i was mad that i was semi-sick and had chills all day the next day.  ne wayz> me and jen went 2 a KSC bball game. i love her its sad b/c we dont c each otha as much. blodgette was thur w/ britney and chris washburn showed up [never tell ppl what ur doin if they like u] but hmm, thats all i can think about thats hapended latly . me and steve r great, i love him 4 months, 14 days... :-D 

well go fuck yourself san diego....i mean, peace out

comp the new site>>>>  www.geocities.com/shortie_want_2ride/pix.html 


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Wednesday, January 12th, 2005
3:17 pm
[Usher {with Lil' Jon}]
Yeah, man
Once again, it's on {It's on}
You know we had to do it again, right?

[Lil' Jon]
We had to do it again, boy
Want you to sing to these ladies, man

[Usher ]
A'ight, so I'm up first? A'ight, lemme have it...
Let's do it...

[1st Verse - Usher]
Baby, how ya doin'?
Hope that 'cha fine, wanna know what you got in mind,
And I'm,
Got me fiendin' like Jodeci, girl, I can't leave you alone,
Take a shot of this here Petrone' and it's gon' be on,
V.I.P. done got way too crowded,
I'm about to end up callin' it a night,
You should holla at 'cha girl, tell her you shake it and seized,
Pull off, beep-beep, shotgun in the GT with me
She said, "Ohhh-ohhh, I'm ready to ride, yeah,"
"'Cause once you get inside, you can't change your mind,"
"Don't mean to sound impatient, but you gotta promise, baby, ohh..."

[Chorus - Usher]
Tell me again (Tell me again, my baby),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends ( I gotta know, baby, aw yeah)
Tell me again (Make sho' you right, before we leave),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends ( it's a good look, baby)...

[2nd Verse - Ludacris]
Sometime wanna be your lover,
Sometime wanna be your friend,
Sometime wanna hug ya,
Hold hands, slow-dance while the record spins,
Opened up your heart 'cause you said I made you feel so comfortable,
Used to play back then, now you all grown-up like Rudy Huxtable,
I could be your Bud, you could beat me up,
Play-fight in the dark, then we both make up,
I'd do anything just to feel your butt,
Why you got me so messed up?
I don't know, but you gotta stop trippin',
Be a good girl now, turn around, and get these whippings,You know you like it like that,
You don't have to fight back,
Here's a pillow - bite...that,
And I'll be settin' seperate plays,
So on all these separate days,
Your legs can go they separate...ways...

[Chorus - Usher]
Tell me again (Tell me again, my baby),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (it's a good look, baby)
Tell me again (Tell me over-and-over-and-over again),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Make sho' you right, before you choose)...

[3rd Verse - Lil' Jon]
I's been know you fo' a long time (shawty),
But fuckin' never crossed my mind (shawty),
But tonight, I seen sumthin' in ya (shawty),
That made me wanna get wit 'cha (shawty),
But you ain't been nuttin' but a friend to me (shawty),
And a nigga never ever dreamed to be (shawty),
Up in here, kissin', huggin', squeezin', touchin' (shawty),
Up in the bathtub, rub-a-dubbin' (shawty),
Are you sure you wanna go this route? (shawty),
Let a nigga know before I pull it out (shawty),
I would never ever cross the line (shawty),
Shawty, let me hit ya to me one mo' time...one mo' time...

[Chorus - Usher]
Tell me again (Tell me again, my baby),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends ( it's a good look, baby)
Tell me again (Make sho' you right,  before we leave),
That we'll be Lovers and Friends (Tell me over-and-over-and-over again)...

[Ludacris {with Lil' Jon}]
Please tell your Lovers and Friends,
That Usher, Jon, and Luda had to do it again {Hey!! (Hey!!)}
Please tell your Lovers and Friends,
That Usher, Jon, and Luda had to do it again, that's right {Hey!! (Hey!!)}
Please tell your Lovers and Friends,
That Usher, Jon, and Luda had to do it again {Hey!! (Hey!!)}...

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